Welcome to my home page. In the bar above, you can find links to more information about me and my performances as Mary Lincoln, as well as my out-of-character lectures about the Lincoln family and other topics in history.

What makes me different, and why should you choose my presentations?

 I have 25+ years of experience presenting my programs across Chicagoland and beyond. I have been studying the Lincoln Family for more than 50 years. I have performed at The Lincoln Home National Historic Site (one of only 4 women who have done so), and I have spoken to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum volunteers.  You will not find a more knowledgeable solo Mary Lincoln presenter!

Why would you choose to hire someone who presents multiple characters, which they have studied just enough to give a program about when you can benefit from the knowledge and experience of Valerie, who has spent her life researching the Lincoln Family?


At the Lincoln Home Visitors Center, interacting with the public before a performance

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