The Victorian Era

All lectures include a Q&A session and have a companion PowerPoint presentation.

All lectures can be presented remotely via zoom or another virtual platform.

 Spiritualism & Mourning in Victorian America

The Victorian era is remembered for elaborate rituals around death and mourning. Strict social rules governed the behavior of the bereaved. Alongside this, spiritualists and mediums offered hope of contacting those who had passed on. We will learn what was required of a newly bereaved family and discuss how Victorians attempted to contact the dead. *For an extra fee, Valerie will dress in victorian mourning attire for the presentation*

Call the Doctor! Victorian Medical Practices

Victorians treated sickness and injury very differently than we do today. Then, they primarily relied on home remedies, natural cures, and prayer. This lecture will discuss the various therapies for disease, some that worked and some that did not. We will also talk about treatments prescribed by doctors, such as bleeding and purging, and touch on how Civil War doctors treated battlefield injuries.

 “I do!” Victorian Wedding Traditions

Why do brides wear white? Why is an engagement ring a required purchase? These and other questions will be answered in this lecture. We will learn where our traditions have come from and how many wedding traditions today result from Victorian culture.

Merry Christmas! Victorian Holiday Traditions

Why do we send Christmas Cards? Who had the 1st modern Christmas tree? When did Santa get his iconic red suit? All of these traditions have their roots in Victorian times. We will learn how and when these any other holiday traditions started and see how much of our modern practices got their start in the 1800s

*For an extra fee, Valerie will dress in victorian attire for the presentation*