Walt Disney World’s History

A Magical Half-Century: Stories Celebrating Walt Disney World’s First 50 Years by Christopher Smith

This book celebrates a half-century of magic and is filled with stories that honor the history and legacy of Walt Disney World, including the strong connection between Washington Irving’s classic story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and Walt Disney World, a history of alcohol (real and imagined) in the Magic Kingdom, and much more.

Secret Stories of Extinct Walt Disney World: The World That Disappeared by Jim Korkis

a nostalgic look at the dozens and dozens of things that have disappeared at the vacation destination over the decades.

Since the World Began: Walt Disney World – The First 25 Years By Jeff Kurtti

Traces the development of Walt Disney World using original concept drawings, photos of the park’s construction, environmental awareness programs, and descriptions of park technology

A Historical Tour of Walt Disney World: Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3 by Andrew Kiste

Did you ever wonder why Walt wanted a Jungle Cruise? Or how closely his pirates were based on real pirates? Or why the original conception for Tomorrowland didn’t work out? Or how the Crystal Palace is really the work of a forgotten Victorian architect? Learn the history BEHIND the history of such popular Magic Kingdom locations and attractions

The Walt Disney World That Never Was: Stories Behind the Amazing Imagineering Dreams That Never Came True by Christopher Smith

On an alternate earth, Walt Disney World guests are taking in the thrills of Thunder Mesa, braving the Beastly Kingdom, marveling at Villains Mountain, and staying the night at Disney’s Persian Resort. Want to join them? This is your guidebook to the theme park that Disney never built. In this unique, extensively researched book, Christopher Smith discusses the many attractions, shows, and resorts that were planned for Walt Disney World, from opening day to the present day, but that exist only in the minds of Imagineers.

Walt Disney World Hidden History: Remnants Of Former Attractions And Other Tributes by Kevin Yee

Everyone can list their favorite former attractions at Walt Disney World. What if you could still have a glimpse of those treasured rides even today? This book will expose the remnants of previous rides and attractions still visible at Walt Disney World, including many elements that were folded into the shows and rides that replaced them. There are also numerous intentional reproductions of parts of former rides, planted as a kind of ultimate inside joke. That’s not all. Interwoven with these remnants is a rich tapestry of homages throughout the Walt Disney World parks, there to pay respect to the designers, artists, and engineers who built these magical realms. These references are often hidden in plain sight, and many are given without explanation. This book will uncover so many tributes and homages, you’ll forever see the Disney parks in a whole new light.

The Unofficial Walt Disney World 1971 Companion: Stories of How the World Began by Jim Korkis

How the Magic Was Born – Once upon a time, the swampy flatlands of central Florida were home to oranges, cattle, and alligators. Then a man came and said, “lo, there shall be a theme park.” A few years later, swampland turned to fantasyland, as Walt Disney World arose. This is the story of how it happened. – Jim Korkis, the world’s premiere Disney historian, weaves a compelling, organized tale from the thousands of details, reports, and eyewitness accounts–some of them never before in print– about the early days of the most magical place on earth.