The Lincoln Family

The Madness of Mary Lincoln by Jason Emerson

                The Madness of Mary Lincoln is the first examination of Mary Lincoln’s mental illness based on the lost letters, and the first new interpretation of the insanity case in twenty years. This compelling story of the purported insanity of one of America’s most tragic first ladies provides new and previously unpublished materials, including the psychiatric diagnosis of Mary’s mental illness and her lost will.

Mary Todd Lincoln: Her Life and Letters by Justin & Linda Turner

                The personal correspondences of Mary Todd Lincoln create an intimate portrait of her life and marriage to Lincoln as well as her struggles after his death

Behind the Scenes: 30 years a slave and 4 years in the White House by Elizabeth Keckley

                An autobiographical narrative, BEHIND THE SCENES traces Elizabeth Keckley’s life from her enslavement in Virginia and North Carolina to her time as seamstress to Mary Todd Lincoln in the White House during Abraham Lincoln’s administration. It was quite controversial at the time of its release–an uncompromising work that transgressed Victorian boundaries between public and private life, and lines of race, gender, and society.

The Mary Lincoln Enigma: Historians on America’s Most Controversial First Lady by various authors

            The thirteen engaging essays in this collection introduce Mary Lincoln’s complex nature and show how she is viewed today.The authors’ explanations of her personal and private image stem from a variety of backgrounds, and through these lenses—history, theater, graphic arts, and psychiatry—they present their latest research and assessments. Here they reveal the effects of familial culture and society on her life and give a broader assessment of Mary Lincoln as a woman, wife, and mother. Topics include Mary’s childhood in Kentucky, the early years of her marriage to Abraham, Mary’s love of travel and fashion, the presidential couple’s political partnership, and Mary’s relationship with her son Robert.

Giant in the Shadows: The Life of Robert T. Lincoln by Jason Emerson

            Meticulously researched, full of never-before-seen photographs and new insight into historical events, Giant in the Shadows is the missing chapter of the Lincoln family story. Emerson’s riveting work is more than simply a biography; it is a tale of American achievement in the Gilded Age and the endurance of the Lincoln legacy.

Four Marys and a Jesse: The Story of the Lincoln Women by CJ King

            The story of Mary Todd Lincoln, Mary Harlan Lincoln, Mary Lincoln Isham, Mary Lincoln “Peggy” Beckwith, and Jessie Lincoln Beckwith Johnson Randolph

The Last Lincolns: The Rise & Fall of a Great American Family by Charles Lachman

            This absorbing American tragedy tells the largely unknown story of the acrimony that consumed the Lincolns in the months and years that followed the president’s murder. This was not a family that came together in mourning and mutual sadness; instead, they fell out over the anguished mental condition of the widowed Mary. In 1875, Robert—the handsome but resentful eldest Lincoln child—engineered her arrest and forcible commitment to an insane asylum. In each succeeding generation, the Lincolns’ misfortunes multiplied, as a litany of alcohol abuse, squandered fortunes, burned family papers, and outright dissipation led to the downfall of this once-great family.

The Insanity File: The Case of Mary Todd Lincoln by Mark E Neely Jr & Gerald McMurtry

            In 1875 Robert Todd Lincoln caused his mother, Mary Todd Lincoln, to be committed to an insane asylum. Based on newly discovered manuscript materials, this book seeks to explain how and why.

The Trials of Mrs. Lincoln by Samuel Schreiner

            Recounts the life of Mary Todd Lincoln after her husband’s assassination, explains why her son tried to have her committed to an asylum, and describes her years in France

Mary Lincoln Demystified: Frequently Asked Questions about Abraham’s Wife by Donna D. McCreary

Answering the most enigmatic questions about Mary Lincoln’s life. After portraying Mary Lincoln in hundreds of performances and giving lectures over a more than thirty-year career, Donna D. McCreary has fielded every imaginable inquiry about the First Lady. Gathered here, readers will find answers to the most frequently asked questions to come from live audiences. This first question-and-answer book arises directly from a public’s enduring curiosity with one the country’s most important historical figures. Decades of conversations with audiences, scholars, and relatives of the Todd family frame McCreary’s intimate and devoted research to offer a new and unique portrait of the most tragic First Lady. 

Fashionable First Lady: The Victorian Wardrobe of Mary Lincoln by Donna D McCreary

            Each of Mary’s known costumes is examined. When available, detailed information such as the width of a sleeve and the color of piping is given. In addition to information about Mary’s gowns is information about 19th century fashion, mourning attire, and photographs of Mary’s fashion choices. Information about White House social functions and stories about the Lincoln’s entertaining helps the reader gain new insights into Mary’s personality and understand her fashion choices.

Lincoln’s Table: Victorian Recipes from Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois to the White House by Donna D McCreary

            Collection of recipes, each one of which has been traced to Lincoln’s dining table at some point in his life.. Some recipes were enjoyed by the Lincoln family in Springfield. Others were relished in fine New York restaurants, the homes of friends, or boarding houses where Lincoln stayed when he was a circuit lawyer. They all share one common thread – Lincoln enjoyed them. A sampling of the recipes included are: Sorghum Cake; Fried Green Apples; Nancy’s Pork Chops and Greens; Young Abe’s Gingerbread Men; Beaten Biscuits; Mary Todd’s Courting Cake (or Burnt Sugar Cake).