Other Historical Topics

The Monuments of Washington DC

Washington D.C. is full of monuments to people, groups, and events. Some, like the Lincoln Memorial, are world-famous. Others are less well known & a few others are almost unknown. In this lecture, we will tour Washington D.C. virtually and learn about many monuments. We will discuss why each memorial was built, who it honors, and other facts.

From Queen Victoria to the Modern Royals: A History of Royal Weddings

Royal weddings have always held a special place in the hearts and minds of people worldwide, capturing the imagination and embodying the grandeur and traditions associated with monarchy. Queen Victoria set the standard for modern royal weddings. What was her celebration like, and how have all the royal weddings that came afterward follow or not follow her example? 

“Don’t Read THAT!” Banned books (Perfect for Banned Books week- October 1-7, 2023)

This presentation will explore specific examples of books that have been banned or challenged throughout history. We will discuss the reasons why books are banned, and highlight the ways in which censorship can stifle free speech and intellectual curiosity. We will also look at specific examples of banned books throughout history including “Catcher in the Rye”, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and even the Harry Potter series

“But It’s a Great Story” American Legends that Aren’t True

This lecture will examine stories in American History that will all know, but just arent true. Did George Washington really have wooden teeth? Did Lincoln call a white cake recipe his favorite cake ever? Did Martha Washington own a Tom Cat named after Alexander Hamilton? Find out the true stories behind these stories and more.